In this kindergarten we have three different groups. Of these groups, two of them are outdoors focused while the group with the smallest age, has its own rules on how much time they spend outside. 


At Lerkhaug we have children in the age group 3-4 years. This is at the time our biggest group, and here we get to see the children blossom in social interaction. We get to see children learning and developing, but most of all we get to see them caring and helping each other. 


At Haneborg we have an all pre-school group. This means that the whole group is preparing for school and we are working towards becoming first graders. 

This is also the group that goes on the longest hikes. Our goal for this year is to walk all the way up to the mountain of Løvstakken.


At Gullstein we have children in the age 1-3 years. This is the only group that doesn't have to meet the requirements of outdoor activity. Rather we practice to be comfortable outside in all kinds of weather. One of the things we do is napping outside, everyday all year around.